Wondering if you’ll ever get back to the work you’re truly passionate about? As a small business owner, working tirelessly on all aspects of your business might have you constantly overwhelmed and out of time to concentrate your efforts on revenue-generating activities and passion projects. Increasing profitability and growing your dream business requires delegation of power and for you to communicate effectively. When you stop doing everything yourself, you give your business the opportunity to fly. 

But what is important when delegating work that keeps your business running? For some, delegation might be a no-brainer, but we must remember that delegation of power is a skill that takes practice. Here are the essential keys to successful delegation: 

  • Understand the Requirements 
  • Communicate Effectively 
  • Trust Your Team

Delegation of Power Requires You Understand the Duties and KPIs

When one decides to delegate, it is often long overdue and often in the face of overwhelm. Don’t let that be you. Successful delegation requires clarity on what the requirements of success are considered. Delegating power to another without understanding what steps they need to take to fulfill their role successfully can waste time and money. 

You are the voice of your business, and this is your vision. If you aren’t sure how certain business tasks play a role in the success of your business, it won’t serve anyone well delegating it. Know, document, and communicate what requirements need to be met and have a way of measuring the key performance indicators (KPIs) that determine success.  

ACTION ITEM>> Create systems and document your business processes to establish a clear way of communicating expectations. When your company has standard operating procedures that you’ve played a role in implementing, you can trust that the direction you are giving when delegating power is in alignment with your vision. 

Delegation of Power Requires You to Communicate Effectively

If you don’t communicate your ideas effectively, your projects will take forever. Back and forth conversations for adjustments and approval are a testament to inefficiencies in a business. As the visionary, you must be able to convey what the completion of a project should look like. Your team can’t read minds and you shouldn’t expect them to.  

Effective communication fosters a collaborative work environment where team members feel valued and empowered. With clear knowledge of what needs to be done, there is less frustration and confusion around the work being delegated. Being flexible and knowing your team’s strengths allows you to delegate the tasks that best fit their skill set for the most ideal outcome.  

ACTION ITEM>> Be sure to self-assess your communication to your team regularly to ensure that delegated projects are being completed with success, your vision is clearly understood, and your business is reaping the benefits of delegation.  

Delegation of Power Requires You to Trust Your Team

Without trust, delegating power simply won’t work for anyone involved and most likely will negatively impact the operation of your business. Your team is your greatest support on this journey and if you can’t fully let go of control in your business to others, everyone will suffer.  

You must believe in your team’s abilities and expertise in order to grow your business. Delegating work while still needing to have your hand in every single decision is not only a waste of time but leaves you in greater demand as you micromanage your team and add more to your business tasks.

ACTION ITEM>> Take the time to hire and outsource to team members that you believe in and trust to have your business’ best interest in mind. Communicate the work needed of them clearly and thoroughly train them. Listen to their feedback and ideas and allow them to contribute to the success of your business. 

Delegation of Power requires you communicate effectively

Building A Foundation for Delegating

Jumping into delegating without a solid foundation for your business can be more problematic than helpful. Clearly defining the goals of your business is non-negotiable before trying to grow. Knowing where your business is headed will allow you to build a team of people you trust to make decisions on your behalf that are aligned with your vision.

Need Help Communicating Your Vision?

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