So you made the jump to start a business, but now you’re hitting a wall. Whether you just started or have been on this journey for a while, we all reach that point where we need extra support on this complex journey.

With no shortage of help for small businesses out there, it can be hard to know what to expect from business coaches and management consultants and which one is right for you.

Diving into these 3 key differences will put your money to work for the right results:

  1. Exploring vs Defining
  2. Prompting vs Strategizing
  3. Guiding vs Implementing

Both coaches and consultants can add value to your business, but understanding their roles will help you determine which is the right one for you.

Exploring vs Defining

A business coach helps you explore the possibilities that often get buried in the overwhelm. Through a series of discovery questions, they lead conversations that help you determine the pain points of your business where it currently stands and where you ultimately want to take it.

A management consultant takes their own experience and expertise to help you clearly define what your business goals are and how to prioritize them for the results you dream of. Consultants bring a sense of clarity to your business helping you to become more hyper-aware of your vision for success.

THE BOTTOM LINE >> Goal clarification is critical in seeing real results in your business, particularly when you’re starting out. Without knowing what your hard work is setting out to achieve, success will be nearly impossible to reach.

Prompting vs Strategizing

A business coach prompts you to find the solutions you need for your business to succeed. They work with you to help you figure out what your next steps will be and what might be holding you back.

A management consultant is able to identify the problems within your business and provide you with a strategic plan for the completion of your goals. Having an appropriate strategy that considers all the factors involved is critical.

THE BOTTOM LINE >> Not only can a consultant pinpoint the best strategy with consideration for your budget and internal resources, they are able to share their expertise along the way. With this knowledge moving forward you are able to self diagnose issues and create a more sustainable business along the way.

A business coach guides you. A managment consultant solves your problems.

A business coach empowers you as they help you gain confidence in what you bring to the table. They guide you through the processes you set in place while helping you increase your effectiveness and efficiency. However, in most cases a business coach will not be an expert in your particular niche or have the experience that is needed to understand what works in your type of business and what doesn’t.

A management consultant teaches you what methods and processes need to be implemented to drive your success. Having a consultant that is not only well-versed in your field, but understands the intricacies of businesses like yours can help you reach your goals even faster.

A Business Coach empowers you to make decisions, a management consult gives you the solution and helps you implement it.

THE BOTTOM LINE >> Management consultants can take all you’ve built so far, even further by giving you the great ideas that you simply didn’t know were possible. They provide you with the solutions to the problems you’re facing, but what happens after you have the answers?

The Stability Guide Difference

At Stability Guide, we don’t leave you with just the answers. We make sure the solutions we give you can be implemented in a way that leaves your small business thriving for years to come. 

Building a relationship with our clients allows us to understand you and your small business to make well-informed decisions about the best strategies for your unique business. Beyond goal clarification and building a strategic plan, we take our work as consultants a step further and implement the solutions we’ve provided you for real and lasting results.

Find out what works for your business.

Take the first step towards finding and implementing the right solutions for your small business by booking a free consultation with us today!